Indrio Team hand throw

Indrio Team hand throw

FEC202 Jun 30, 2016

202 by mp236 at 5:22 with 805, 715  & 438.  Plenty of nice salutes from the crew with
two sandwiched in the cab window to my sparklers.  Rock, tubs, IM with a Yang Ming, pair
of short shirt TriF-Leet in a well and the infamous Azalea and St Augustine on the
bottom.  Had four sparklers lit and two gentlemen on the platform of St Augustine
yelling out and waving. We think Eric U for one, but will have to check vid later.
Meeting 101 in Bougard, so need to get trackside.
Anita and Caboose

FEC202 Jun 30, 2016 vid link:

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