Indrio Team hand throw

Indrio Team hand throw

FEC202 Jun 18, 2016

202 by mp236 at 6:32 with 816, my Pink Lady 436 & 715.  Mark saluting to us up on the porch as thunder boomers, rain and miserable weather. Feel bad for the crews in these weather conditions.  Lots and lots of rock and tubs up front, some IM, mostly singles, a few racks and very few freight. 
Guessing Micco for meet with 101. 
Thanks to Dominick for heads up on my 436.  Only wish we had better weather, but the bright side is that we can watch from our front porch and not spend hours driving back and forth to go trackside.  Simply wonderful!
Anita and Caboose

FEC202 Jun 18, 2016 vid link:

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